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I have thirty years of industrial experience among positions as CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice President Marketing & Sales, General Manager, Factory Manager and other management positions. I have been responsible from team level up to organizations of 550 employees with several sub management levels.

I have long experience of international Marketing and Sales, mainly system solutions in B2B and B2G sales relationships.

I have solid experience within manufacturing and factory management, sourcing and supply.

This is Mikael Johannison:

My personality is characterized by energy and creativeness, I am eager to set and achieve goals. I am result oriented and have a well-developed ability to analyze situations based on a holistic approach. I am also strong in formulating strategies and managing transformation projects.

My ability to create and maintain relationships, establish strategies and execute them while navigating in a severe and competitive market place has become one of my great strengths.

I have during my career faced several management challenges and have over time developed my ability to transform stagnated organizations by injecting sense of speed and by optimizing their processes towards efficiency. One successful method has been my way of establishing understandable and relevant measures that reflects the overall organizational objectives

In my managerial positions, I have been facing periods of both increasing and decreasing market situations with related adaptations of the amount of human resources. Then using different management skills to coach organizations and individuals to perform excellent despite external influences in order to reduce the organizational impact. My work has also given me valuable experience in leading qualified and well educated personnel.

I act both as a driving force and coach, striving to be a good listener while supporting colleagues and clients to act, to grow and to take increased responsibility in their roles.